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About the Author

Gina Marie, born in Apple Valley, California, has a journey of resilience and transformation. Despite facing challenges in her early life, she excelled academically and earned an honor roll in high school. She also has a degree in Cosmetology 1988 and a degree in computer Science 2010.

Despite these setbacks, she remained determined and pursued various paths, including Salon Ownership, IT Support, Case Management, and Chief Operations Officer. Her passion for helping troubled youth and women in need inspired her to share her story, which holds the promise of healing and empowerment. Her book, a poignant chronicle of her experiences, aims to bring catharsis to her own journey and touch the lives of others who bear their burdens in silence.

With the guiding mantra of her grandmother, “God is going to reward you one day for all this suffering,” she finds solace and strength. Through her words, she seeks to offer hope and solace to those who need it most, turning pain into purpose

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